Our Solution

The inno360 Innovation Management Platform

inno360 offers Innovation and Product Development teams of the world’s most innovative companies an award-winning SaaS platform that utilizes powerful cognitive analytics (powered by IBM Watson) and intuitive visualizations to investigate rich content. The intelligence garnered through our platform enables companies to identify disruptive new capabilities, increase their new product pipeline and bring products to market more effectively and efficiently. Our platform is the most effective investigative and problem solving solution for innovative companies, as we have redefined how business turns data into intelligence.

What makes us unique?

Discover: inno360 provides users with the ability to investigate the most comprehensive and relevant scientific content and worldwide patents on one platform in addition to news, business, technology, government and social media with access to millions of experts in the field. Moreover, this content is ready to use the moment a new user accesses the inno360 platform.

This comprehensive content is investigated by applying powerful cognitive analytics (sentiment, concepts, keywords, topics, relevance, entity extraction, etc.) that enable and drive our unique data mining visualization tools.

Analyze: The inno360 investigative platform enables a user to data mine vast amounts of content using a variety of visualization tools, eliminating the need to look at every document. Users can find the information they are seeking within just a few clicks, then extract deeper meaning through advanced analytics. Entity extraction enables the user to extract and visualize the relationships among entities, including people, companies, universities, articles and patents, from all content types.

Collaborate: the inno360 platform enables users to collaborate with experts from inside or outside their company using secure project rooms, in order to search, review and comment on the rich intelligence generated by our advanced analytics.