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Healthcare Products Company Identifies Partners
for New Product Launch

Problem: “Death by Hospital” is a leading cause of death in hospitals. Hospital Intensive Care Units (ICUs) struggle to properly sanitize rooms before patient arrival and after departure, ensuring that all viruses and “super bugs” are effectively eliminated to reduce the spread of unwanted illnesses to high risk patients.

Approach: A leading healthcare company used inno360 to search IP, scientific literature, open and hidden web to identify a variety of sterilization methods and technologies and developed an application technology landscape that could dispense their sanitizing agents in ICUs to reduce infection risk. inno360 also helped identify potential partners and the competitive landscape.

Result: Within one week, the company identified commercial and emerging application technologies, potential partners and competitors, along with a strategy to develop a true white-space opportunity and market for this ICU sanitation solution.

case study

Consumer Products Company Manages Risk for
New Product Formulation

Problem: A leader in the consumer products and personal care industry had just agreed to a trial of inno360, and wanted to validate their research on a new face cream that they were ready to launch. The research team wanted to ensure that they had the best and safest ingredients possible for their new customer base.

Approach: The research team used inno360 to search patents, scientific literature, open web, hidden web, social media and legal databases creating landscapes for each ingredient.

Result: The company found two potential prior art issues with one of the ingredients and found social media reports of a burning rash from another natural ingredient that didn’t show up in the scientific literature. The team researched alternative ingredients and sources on the inno360 platform and launched with a new formulation.

case study

Defense Contractor Finds Adjacent Markets for
New Unmanned Vehicles

Problem: The traditional DoD procurement process often forces contractors to bid on components of a contract and later integrate the selected components, which can cause higher costs, longer build times and lower quality. A leading defense contractor wanted to proactively map out an integrated solution identifying the best technologies.

Approach: The research team used inno360 platform to research various component technologies, mapping out alternatives for the key components, including motors, drive devices, power supplies and remote controllers. Commercial and emerging technologies were reviewed and evaluated on maturity level and market readiness.

Result: The company was able to present a fully integrated, high quality solution for not only land vehicles but sea and air vehicles as well using many of the same components. The company invited technology partners to join the customer presentation and presented a winning proposal.

case study

Chemical Company Identifies Customers for
New Performance Products

Problem: A leading global chemical company had challenges identifying potential customers for their next generation products. Many potential prospects disguise their work for competitive purposes, making it more difficult to identify a company’s emerging initiatives that could be enhanced with the company’s products and solutions.

Approach: The research team utilized inno360’s advanced data filtering and visualization tools to identify companies that were working in the targeted areas. The business development and marketing teams searched patents, news feeds, industry reports and a variety of other data sources to identify the companies most likely to need their products and solutions.

Result: The company identified fourteen organizations working in specific target areas who could potentially use their Chemical solutions, as well as the individuals working on those initiatives. As a result, the company was able to identify and close several sales deals for its emerging new products.

case study