Disruptive Innovation

inno360 Enables Disruptive Innovation

inno360 is designed to enable leading innovation companies to identify disruptive opportunities for their new products, both within and outside their respective industries. To do this, we provide you with a complete view of the competitive landscape, available and emerging technologies, potential solution partners, and other profound insights that will inspire new directions for your products.

The actionable intelligence provided through inno360 will help you cultivate a comprehensive product strategy and bring disruptive products to market faster and more efficiently.

Are you ready to move from the Information Age to the Age of Intelligence?

At inno360, we believe the world stands at a pivotal point. During the Information Age, innovation and progress hinged on access to information. We are now in a new age in which innovation and progress depends on the ability to make sense of this vast sea of information. Old ways of researching problems are no longer effective. New solutions must leverage human intelligence and automate the process.

Whether you are looking for the one key, elusive insight or the big picture, using the power of cognitive analytics to harness actionable intelligence contained in this sea of information, you will be more equipped to solve problems and identify opportunities for your company. Let inno360 usher you into the Age of Intelligence.

Whether you are looking to accelerate new product time to market, reduce risk, identify new technologies, new product ingredients or identify partners, inno360 can be a catalyst to your product development process.

Our award-winning SaaS platform enables you to uncover new insights and actionable intelligence to solve your most pressing challenges to reach the pinnacle of product innovation.